Taybe Kurtoglu

PR Con­sul­tant

Res­pon­si­ble for The Lea­ding Hotels of the World , Vila Vita Parc und Guin­ness Storeh­ou­se

+49 (0)611 / 9 86 96 – 32


Cities of my life:
Köln – Istan­bul – Lon­don – Mainz
Born under the sign of:
Heroes of my child­hood:
Sailor Moon, who mana­ged ever­y­thing with “love and jus­ti­ce”.
My first vinyl record/cassette/CD:
CD: Ten by Pearl Jam.
My favou­rite pet/animal:
Cats, becau­se they are so won­der­ful­ly inde­pen­dent.
This would be my super power:
Magi­cal powers broa­den the ran­ge of oppor­tu­nities enour­mous­ly.
I have a weak­ness for:
I have a soft spot for lonely pla­ces and spi­cy food.

Three things for my suit­case:
1. eye­li­ner
2. aspi­rin
3. mp3 play­er
Top 3 on my bucket list:
1. see Cos­ta Rica’s stun­ning natu­re
2. tra­vel to win­ter­won­der­land Lapland and gaze at the Nort­hern Lights
3. feel abso­lute­ly small in the vast­ness of a san­dy desert

Online or print:
Online – No print publi­ca­ti­on can com­pe­te with the infi­ni­te space of the inter­net.
What I real­ly like about my job:
The inter­na­tio­nal work envi­ron­ment: You open emails begin­ning with “Alo­ha Tay­be!”, “Bula from Fiji Islands”, A warm mer­ha­ba”, “Buon­gior­no” etc.
Job-related magic moments:
My jovia­li­ty, which helps me floa­ting through the some­ti­mes hec­tical world of PR.
My life mot­to
Thin­king in poems & para­didd­les!