Anja Genz

PR Mana­ger

Res­pon­si­ble for Bel­mondHol­land Ame­ri­ca Line and Seabourn,

+49 (0)611 / 9 86 96 – 19


Cities of my life:
Köln – Min­nea­po­lis – Wies­ba­den
Born under the sign of:
Heroes of my child­hood:
Vicke Viking – The­re is always an approach to a solu­ti­on.
My first vinyl record/cassette/CD:
Cas­set­te: Pumuckl.
My favou­rite pet/animal:
Blue-footed boo­by.
This would be my super power:
Kno­wing how to spread my wings to behold the world from ano­t­her per­spec­tive.
I have a weak­ness for:
Culi­na­ry arts sou­ve­nirs.

Three things for my suit­case:
1. came­ra
2. note­book
3. lar­ge scarf as “wild card”
Top 3 on my bucket list:
1. fill-in-the-blanks-of-where-I’ve-already-been-to
2. to look over a Gelato-creator’s shoul­der
3. final­ly under­stand the wea­ther

Online or print:
Sole­ly due to hap­ti­cal rea­sons – print.
What I real­ly like about my job:
Dis­co­ver new in the alre­ady known.
Job-related magic moments:
Set the Ger­man per­spec­tive asi­de and take a view through new “cul­tu­re glas­ses”.
My life mot­to
It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just dif­fe­rent.