Living with Corona
Guinness Storehouse – Closed until further notice

Guin­ness Storeh­ouse in Dub­lin tells the sto­ry of one of Ireland’s most ico­nic brands, Guin­ness. Visi­tors learn about the incredi­ble brand histo­ry stret­ching over 250 years, its ico­nic adver­ti­sing, as well as a tas­ting like no other. The expe­ri­ence unfolds across seven floo­rs, inclu­ding the high­light for many visi­tors – the famous Gra­vi­ty Bar, whe­re visi­tors can enjoy unpar­al­leled pan­or­amic 360⁰ views of Dub­lin city.

In accordance with government recom­men­da­ti­ons, the Guin­ness Storeh­ouse will remain clo­sed to the public for the time being to pro­tect public health. All visi­tors who have alrea­dy purcha­sed a ticket for the com­ing mon­ths, plea­se con­ta­ct, the Storeh­ouse col­leagues will be hap­py to help.

Mean­while, Guin­ness Storeh­ouse is clo­se­ly fol­lowing events to plan the reope­ning for its visitors.