Andreas Döring

Exe­cu­ti­ve Assistant / Team Coordinator


Cities of my life:
Mainz – Hof­heim am Tau­nus – Barth – Leip­zig – Wies­ba­den
Born under the sign of:
Heroes of my child­hood:
Tale­Spin – I love wat­ching the cha­rac­ters of the jungle book in a modern set­ting with exci­ting mis­si­ons.
My first vinyl record/cassette/CD:
CD: Return of the Mother by Nina Hagen.
My favou­rite pet/animal:
My tom cat Gary
This would be my super power:
Abili­ty to speak with elek­tro­nic devices: This could be hel­pful with any pro­blems with the com­pu­ter.
I have a weak­ness for:
the latest technic-gadgets.

Three things for my suit­case:
1. solar panel with power­bank
2. Lap­top
3. Gary
Top 3 on my bucket list:
1. spend holi­days in Mal­di­ves or Cam­bo­dia
2. go to a con­cert of Andrea Berg (Ger­man croo­ner) with my col­le­agues in 2017
3. move into a maisonette

Online or print:
Online – I grew up with the Inter­net.
What I real­ly like about my job:
I’m hel­ping my col­le­agues in pro­blems with the com­pu­ter, at the same time I extend my know­ledge about it.
Job-related magic moments:
I knew what I wan­ted – and I can do this on a dai­ly basis now.
My life mot­to
Atten­ti­on: May con­tain traces of cat hair.