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Text&Aktion is an independent, owner-managed PR agency with over 25 years' experience in Public Relations, Tourism PR, Brand Counselling and strategic communications.

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PR Agentur Text&Aktion

With Text&Aktion you will always be well advised

You are looking for

  • a boutique agency with dedicated communication consultants
  • partners, who listen carefully, think strategically and have an opinion
  • a team with extensive experience and an impressive network

We are

  • an independent, owner-managed PR agency with over 25 years' experience
  • experienced in brand counselling and strategic communications consultation
  • committed and creative in storytelling, promotions, content marketing and brand partnerships
  • well connected for 360 º communications in travel & tourism

When is PR most effective?

Public Relations is most effective when there is a clear set of goals to aim for. Sounds obvious. However in most companies, discussions about communication objectives are almost not acceptable anymore.

But what good is even the best GPS device when I do not know where to go? The result is aimless drifting in the fog with occasional lucky hits and a lot of frustration. You will just get a new GPS device…

This is avoidable. With a concerted effort on both sides. With professional discussions between experts. Above all with courage – inwardly and outwardly.

Intelligent storytelling and spot-on messaging need daring. Yes-men won’t bring you lasting value: At Text&Aktion we don’t just follow we think ahead - and we are your sparring partners on the way to successful communication.

If you think as we do, I would be glad to speak to you personally  before you consider our brand counselling services and our four PR packages more closely.


Angelika E. Ardelt
Managing Director